Commonwealth of Australia

Capital city Canberra. Largest city: Sydney.
Currency Australian Dollar (A$ and AUD).
Daylight Saving Starts last Sunday in October. In Tasmania first Sunday.
Ends last Sunday in March.
Dimensions Australia is about 7.700.000 km2 (about 3 million square miles). The Netherlands is about 35.000 km2. So Australia is about 220x the Netherlands.
Distance From Schiphol, Amsterdam flying directly to Sydney would be 17.824 km, taking 21 and a half hours.
Electricity and plug 220 - 240V, 50Hz. Plug: two flat angled blades and one vertical grounding blade.
Exchange rate 1 AUD = 0,61 EUR and 1 EUR = 1,60 AUD (more or less, May 2007). For exact rate, go to and look under Currency.
Language English (official)
Links Useful information on travelling, dining, immigration, jobs and much more: click here.
Population 20,5 million (2006)
Religion 75% Christian, 1% Muslim, 1% Buddhist, 0.5% Jewish
Telephone To make an international phone call from Europe, dial 00. From U.S.A. dial 011. To dial internationally from within Australia, dial 0011. The country code for Australia is 61. The area code of Sydney is 2, Melbourne is 3, Canberra is 62, Adelaide is 8.
Time Zone

GMT/UTC +10  (Eastern Standard Time)
GMT/UTC +9.5 (Central Time)
GMT/UTC +8    (Western Time)

Clothing and shoe sizes

Not only have there been a wide variety of measures in which beer is served in pubs in Australia, the names of these 
glasses differ from one area to another. However, the range of glasses has declined greatly in recent years.
Names of beer glasses in various Australian cities
Capacity  Sydney  Darwin  Brisbane  Adelaide  Hobart  Melbourne  Perth  Canberra
115 ml                
(4 fl.oz.)  –  –  –  –  small beer  –  shetland (pony) 
140 ml                
(5 fl.oz.)  pony  –  small beer  pony  –  pony  pony 
170 ml                
(6 fl.oz.)  –  –  –  –  six  small (glass)  bobbie 
200 ml                
(7 fl.oz.)  seven  seven  beer  butcher  –  glass  glass  seven
225 ml                
(8 fl.oz.)  –  –  glass  –  eight  –  – 
285 ml                
(10 fl.oz.)  middy  handle  pot  schooner  ten (ounce)/pot  pot  middy  middy
425 ml                
(15 fl.oz.)  schooner  schooner  schooner  pint  fifteen/schooner  schooner  schooner  schooner
570 ml                
(20 fl.oz.)  pint  pint  pint  imperial pint  pint  pint  pint  pint
1140 ml                
(40 fl.oz.)  jug  jug  jug  jug  jug  jug  jug  jug
1. Entries in bold are common.
2. Entries in italics are old-fashioned and/or rare.
3. Entries marked with a dash are not applicable.
4. Traditionally 425 ml is a size not found Western Australia or Victoria.
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