Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40
Live in Ahoy Rotterdam 5 juli 2005


Update: 9-10-2007
Start: 29-11-2002

De kwaliteit van de
foto en video is beneden peil, maar je krijgt zeker je feestgevoel (terug).

De filmpjes zijn
uit eigen beweging
verwijderd wegens

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Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 live DVD
What do you think of a Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 live DVD?
No. I do not like live music at all.
No. You should listen to music, not see distracting images or videos.
No. I find the quality of live music lower than the level on CD's. So not for me.
All of the above = NO.

Yes. The interaction with thousands of enthousiastic people is goosebubbling.
Yes. As soon as the DVD is out I'll buy it because it reminds me of the live concert.
Yes. Bring back the party mood and share the good vibe and good music is priceless.
Answers 5, 6 and 7 all true to me: YES, I would be interested in such a DVD.

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